Thursday, January 17, 2008

Me in the Hall

I live in an apartment with my people that is in a big building, like a hotel, according to my person. I've never been to a hotel, but I like to go in the hallway of the building a lot. I like to roll on the rug, stretch myself out, sniff the other doors, and occasionally walk to the Trash Room. Sometimes I get noticed by the neighbors who comment on my size and handsomeness. Usually I go out and my people stand around with me or we go for a little stroll. They make me come in too soon though.

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Holiday Story

I like the curly ribbon my people use at Christmas. Sometimes I can get a good chew of it when they're done wrapping their presents, before they put them out of my reach. This year, my person left a whole roll of curly ribbon on the counter. I chewed on it for a few days before she noticed. Usually I puke bits of it right up, but not this year.

One day I felt funny when I went to my litter box. I made a ruckus until my person came. She looked at my butt and saw something white sticking out. She pulled it, and about six inches of curly ribbon came out of me! She yelled "EWWW MILO THAT IS SO GROSS!" and then ran in the bathroom with it. She said I was lucky I didn't have to go the vet. I felt a lot better.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


My person told me it is 2008, which means I have lived with her for nine years, and that makes me almost ten years old! We visited the Greensburg people for Christmas and I enjoyed myself. I lounged, sneaked into the spare bedroom to chew on delectable dried plants, puked them up, touched Abby and Geronimo with my paw, and got petted by the nice man and lady.

Lately I have been going in the hall a lot. As soon as I know my people are coming, I hide behind the door and when it swings open I dart out into the hall and roll around on the carpet. I like to get all staticky. Sometimes I walk down the hall and sniff the other doors. I used to be afraid when people came, but now I just let them walk over me. Then I come in and have my supper.

Since it's been cold I've been going on the cushions and by the heater.