Sunday, August 27, 2006

All riled up about string!

One of my favorite activities is a rowdy game of string. I have a brown string with plastic knobs at each end for biting. I used to play it where ever I last dropped it. Now I play on the bed. I especially like to play when the sheets and blankets are extra smooth. I let my people know I want to play by running up the steps at top speed and then leaping onto the bed with a mighty roar. My person whips the string around, I grab it, bite it and then I rake it...just like prey. I like to spice up the game by making ungodly shrieks the whole time. Here are some photos of me in action.

In this first photo, I'm honing my technique and making my move. Note my stellar athleticism and catly reflexes.

In this next one, I've captured the string.

Now I'm raking the s**t out of it.


Friday, August 25, 2006

What happens when I'm not around

Here's my chair in Pennsylvania. It is a nice sunny spot with a view out the window. When I'm not around, Geronimo lounges in it. He and I are the same size.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I like flowers and plants. I like to chew on the leaves and knock their containers over. Yesterday we got this particularly toothsome bunch.

My people get mad when I bite the leaves and knock over the containers. They yell at me, but I'm unstoppable. Here's what the resort to when they can't take my antics:

They call it "the hold." Unfair!

Monday, August 21, 2006

More about my pasttimes

As you can see, I like a good nap. If there's cardboard involved, all the better. Sometimes when I wake up I tear off little bits of the box and spit them out on the rug.

I am also keenly interested in kitchen activities. Here I am supervising dinner at my vacation home in Pennsylvania.

I'm Milo

Hi everyone. I'm Milo. I'm a caramel and white rabbity soft boy and I live in New Jersey. I am a hearty eater and I play hard. I enjoy sleeping with my people, lounging on their desk, touching and chewing on things that crackle, chasing golf balls, playing "String," and climbing in drawers. I have a big voice and a lot to say. I also purr and knead and headbutt things I like.

My friend Yuri has a blog. Here it is: He and I used to be neighbors. Now we correspond in the cat-o-sphere. It's a better medium for us.