Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What company?

My person was getting our extra bed ready, so I helped her by pouncing on the sheets and digging in them. Then I settled in on the pillow. I took a bath. I even got a little bit under the covers. I was glad to have a new spot all set up for me. Then she said we are having overnight guests. And that one of them has four legs and black fur.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So very sleepy

After a busy day of playing String, scratching my person while she sat at her computer, and climbing up the window screen, I was tired. I went to bed early. I have been sleeping on my person's pillow a lot lately. I don't like to share it with her though. I like to push her off, by sleeping on her face or touching her eye while she sleeps. Then she moves and I get it all to myself. See?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Conditions, Part 2

I had to take a medicine for my bladder problems. It had some side effects. Specifically, poop would just come out of me. I left little blobs of it around. My person said it was like living with a rabbit. It also stuck to my fur. She kept sneaking up behind me with baby wipes, which I did not like one bit.

Once that cleared up, I started to get sick. I threw up a lot. My person took me to the emergency vet. I had to have a lot of tests, including one where they shaved my belly. I hate the vet's office. My person told the staff that I am not cooperative. They did not believe her. They tried to take my blood. They had to bring me back to her. My fur was a mess, and the staff's hair was a mess. A big blob of my fur was stuck to her head. I got a note in my file about that one. Heh.

I might have a pancreas problem. But I might not. No one really knows. My person said that tests show my organs are in slightly unusual places.

I took some medicine for a few days and now I feel better. Here I am licking my belly after my test. My person says I have a little pink piglet belly.