Saturday, February 09, 2013

Special delivery

My person got a package yesterday. It is a box that has lots of fluffy paper inside. I rustle in it and get it just right for my naps. My person says the pattern inside complements my white and caramely fur and my hazel eyes. I agree.

Update: I got another delivery. My person bought me a special pouch of catnip. She told me that it is very potent. She sprinkled some on the rug. I flopped down on it and got the nip all through my fur. Then I raked the pouch and rubbed it on my head. She said my pupils were very dilated. I was all fired up.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Busy day

So far, I gobbled up my breakfast, howled in the basement, climbed on the tool table in the basement, played Tennis Ball, String, and Catnip Pillow, scratched my person, got my nails trimmed, howled out the window, and finally settled on a kitchen chair.

My bed and my blanket are underneath the chair.