Monday, November 03, 2008


Usually when I take my pumpkin and medicine I poop on the floor two times a day. Lately I have not pooped very much at all. My person called the vet today.

UPDATE: after not finding my poop for a week, my person said we had to go to the vet. The vet said on the phone that I might have to have an enema, and maybe an operation. We got to the office and I hissed at the vet. Then he examined me all over and said "He's not constipated!" And then he and my people talked about how I might have found a secret area to poop in. My person said she looked everywhere and couldn't think of where it was. So then we went home. When we got home, my other person looked into the crawl space. HA! I had jumped up about five feet and through a little window and into the sandy crawl space. My person had to put on his special suit and clean out out all my poop.

Then he closed up the little window and now I just poop on the floor like before.