Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whirlwind week

Last week my people went away and left me at home. Two nice ladies came and gave me my cat food and petted me. And they let me walk in the hallway and down to the trash room, which I liked. But I was lonely. When my people are home, I get included in everything: I sleep with them on the bed, eat my supper with them, and play ball and String with them. So I didn't like being by myself for so long. But then they came home and before I knew it, I was in my carrier and in the car with my Greensburg people. Even though I get car sick, I like going to Greensburg. The first night I made my rounds to all the plants and dried flowers. I ate some, and puked some up. The nice lady gives me chicken treats and cooked prey with my cat food. There is a sunny window with plants where I like to sleep and stretch. Here I am in the window:

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Anonymouse said...

Well Milo, are you missing the venison now that you're back home? I have a few connections, so maybe I can hook you up.