Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I do in a blizzard

It got very cold yesterday when our new furnace broke. I wanted to lay on my cushion by the kitchen radiator like always, but it wasn't warm like it usually is. My person had the little heater on in her office. I like the heater but I don't like the carpet in her office so I stayed in the cold kitchen. Finally my person said "Oh for crying out loud, Milo! You're coming in the office!" Then she picked my cushion, my blanket and me up and hauled us to the office. As long as I wasn't touching the rug, I liked it.

See? Not touching the rug.

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Maddy Cat Peters said...

Dear Milo,
Thank you very much for posting the pictures of you on your pillow by the heater. Our person-mother is very good about providing plenty of pillows and blankies for us to nest in. But it never occured to her to put a blankie next to the radiator where Tallulah and I have spent, like, 80% of our time since the weather got cold. When our person-mother saw your pictures, she had a real head slap moment and immediately put a nice, soft towel next to the heat. We would like to post a picture; however, guess who hasn't figured out how to use her new camera yet? People! Sometimes they just don't have their priorities in order. So, instead of a photo, I've included my person-mother's avatar even though it does not look like any of us.

Your Friend,
Maddy (and Tallulah too. She can't type because she doesn't have excellent paw-eye coordination like me. Oliver says hey, but he doesn't sleep by the radiator. He was super jealous, though, when he saw your picture of the mouse)