Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My trip to the Hospital

Eating all that corn might have had some consequences. Or it might have been the giant bug I ate one night. Anyway, I got sick and had to go the emergency vet. At first, the vet said I had to have an operation to remove an "obstruction." But then they did more tests and decided I did not have to have an operation, but I did have to stay in the hospital for three nights, which I hated. I even had to have an IV. When my people came to see me during Visiting Hours, I was M-A-D. I also gave the people there a hard time. The two doctors were OK though, and one said I was a "delight." The other one said that he "liked the looks" of me.

Here is my IV spot, and here I am recovering. My person said I had "poodle arms." I am not allowed to eat corn anymore.

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Bev and Bill said...

I know about the hospital.Did you yell at them? I hated it so much that sometimes in the night I would just howl and howl. Don"t eat any more corn