Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today my person spilled a new container of laundry detergent. He knocked it down our basement steps. The soap went on all the steps and made a big puddle at the bottom. Before my other person could stop me, I ran down all the slippery steps as fast as I could, which was much faster than usual. At the bottom I slid and crashed into the wall. But I was OK! So then I walked around in the basement for a while. I had soap on all my paws and my leg. Basement dirt and a cobweb stuck to the soap and my fur. My person tried to wipe me off but it didn't work. So she rinsed off my back paws in the kitchen sink. She put my feet right under the running faucet! I hated that a lot. Finally I dried off. Here's a picture of my wet soapy leg.

I took a few naps, and now I'm relaxing on the couch.

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