Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Conditions, Part 2

I had to take a medicine for my bladder problems. It had some side effects. Specifically, poop would just come out of me. I left little blobs of it around. My person said it was like living with a rabbit. It also stuck to my fur. She kept sneaking up behind me with baby wipes, which I did not like one bit.

Once that cleared up, I started to get sick. I threw up a lot. My person took me to the emergency vet. I had to have a lot of tests, including one where they shaved my belly. I hate the vet's office. My person told the staff that I am not cooperative. They did not believe her. They tried to take my blood. They had to bring me back to her. My fur was a mess, and the staff's hair was a mess. A big blob of my fur was stuck to her head. I got a note in my file about that one. Heh.

I might have a pancreas problem. But I might not. No one really knows. My person said that tests show my organs are in slightly unusual places.

I took some medicine for a few days and now I feel better. Here I am licking my belly after my test. My person says I have a little pink piglet belly.


Bev and Bill said...

I had that test and that pink belly.It is nice because when it gets hot it will keep you cool and comfy.

Yuri said...

Milo, you can think of it as a summer hair cut!