Friday, August 25, 2006

What happens when I'm not around

Here's my chair in Pennsylvania. It is a nice sunny spot with a view out the window. When I'm not around, Geronimo lounges in it. He and I are the same size.


Siamese Queenies said...

Who's the perp on your chair? How dare he! Well, that calls for only 1 appropriate action - poop on the chair next chance you get. Take back the ownership!

Pooping with you in spirit,
Boovers a.k.a. Belle Buttons

Yuri said...

Hm. I'm starting to see where the "dandy" label might have come from.

Milo said...

Whatever, Yuri. I think I've seen you sleeping in the laundry.

Yuri said...

Laundry is hardly the same as a puffy floral-upholstered armchair, but your point has been noted.