Sunday, August 27, 2006

All riled up about string!

One of my favorite activities is a rowdy game of string. I have a brown string with plastic knobs at each end for biting. I used to play it where ever I last dropped it. Now I play on the bed. I especially like to play when the sheets and blankets are extra smooth. I let my people know I want to play by running up the steps at top speed and then leaping onto the bed with a mighty roar. My person whips the string around, I grab it, bite it and then I rake it...just like prey. I like to spice up the game by making ungodly shrieks the whole time. Here are some photos of me in action.

In this first photo, I'm honing my technique and making my move. Note my stellar athleticism and catly reflexes.

In this next one, I've captured the string.

Now I'm raking the s**t out of it.



Yuri said...

Wow--you are really good at that. Do you do some sort of cross-training or something?

Yuri said...

Hey Milo--what's up? We haven't heard from you in days!