Monday, September 18, 2006

Watch Cat!

Before finding my person, I survived--- no, thrived--- on the mean streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan. So I know danger and the criminal element. This enables me to be a #1 Watch Cat. One time, in Lafayette, IN, I alerted my person to a prowler outside her window. He was looking inside her kitchen and was not supposed to be there! After we chased him away, a friend composed a poem in my honor:

My name is Milo
I'm the Number One Cat
I'm white and tan and rabbity fat
I like to eat and sleep and talk and play
But my main job is keeping prowlers away!


Yuri said...

Do you remember that other poem that our people used to say all the time (and then break up in laughter)? All I remember is "Nice lady pets me..."

Yuri said...

Milo! We are waiting!