Sunday, September 10, 2006


Not only do I have plush fur, I also have long, thick, luxuriant whiskers. They are pure white and very clean. Some days they look particularly impressive; today is one of those days. My person measured my whiskers this morning with a tape measure and said they are 3 1/2 inches long. Then she told me that I am looking especially walrusy today. I like that.


Siamese Queenies said...

Dear M~
You better watch out. My mummy said you look like a butterscotch pudding treat. She often calls me "chocolate," and said if she bit me in half, there would be peanut butter inside. Do you think they would ever eat us?
Belle (on behalf of Rose - she can't spell).

Yuri said...

How many whiskers do you have, Milo? I heard an old cat's tale (tail?) that some cats have more whiskers than others, and that the ones with more whiskers can sense things. Maybe we should all do a whisker count today and compare notes.

Milo said...

Belle and Rose:
I am meow-less. I never considered the possiblity of my person eating me, much less that I'd be full of a sweet sticky treat. Should I worry?

Milo said...

I won't hold my head still for long person can't count my whiskers, and I like it that way! According to the Cat Who series, the intelligence of cats can be determined by number of whiskers. What do you think?

Yuri said...

Well, I think that Cat Who... series says that Siamese have more whiskers than other cats. But I don't want to make any presumptions here. Maybe Belle and Rose can weigh in on this one.

In any case, my Main Person tried to count mine once, but every time I moved my head she got confused. Ha ha.

Milo said...

Ha! That's what I did too, Yuri. I'm very swift.