Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fleece Belly

Here I am on a blustery fall weekend. Good thing I'm inside on my fresh-from-the-dryer fleece blanket. I've been preparing for a long, cold winter: witness my girth and extra-thick, super-insulating belly fur.


Bev and Bill said...

You better bring that fleece because it might be crowded with all 3 of us on the one on the people couch
You will get more insulation this weekend because we saw a TURKEY go in the refrigerator today
Abby and G

Yuri said...

Your belly looks even softer and woolier than Other Cat's! I'd like to sleep on it, except that that would be weird.

Milo said...

My person said my belly is so round that I don't have a waist. She recommended a belt to define my shape. Notice how I took a cue from your lounging pose, Yuri.

Tomas said...

I recommend that your person play games with you every night. That did wonders for my waistline. I also lost a half pound!