Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas cardboard

My people are getting ready for Christmas, and that means several exciting things for me: cardboard, paper, and curly ribbon. I enjoy all three. Here I am with a wrapping paper tube. My person says my name through it all loud, like a Milo megaphone, and while she says my name I chew up the end. I rip off bits of cardboard and spit out the bits on the carpet. I like to show my fangs.

Here's another picture of me in action. Check out my mighty jaws:

I can't wait for the reindeer to show up.....


Anonymouse said...

Not bad, Milo. But I can't help noticing that most of your hunting lately involves non-moving objects: cardboard tubes, cheese scraps and what have you.

I hope your sedentary ways won't keep you from chasing wilier prey--like moi.

Tomas said...

Oh, I love the megaphone thing. My person did that once, and it scared Yuri! This year, my person is doing no wrapping. If she didn't put up a small tree, we wouldn't even know it was the holiday season around here...

Bev and Bill said...

We have long tubes of paper here. I haven't seen any cardboard yet, but maybe it is under the red paper.
We can bark and meow and scare the reindeer when they come, but if we do that maybe Santa won't leave us anything.
do you think there are presents for you in all that wrapping?
See you in a few days


Yuri said...

Merry Christmas, Milo (and those dogs, too, I guess...)!