Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Am I Exasperating?

My person keeps sighing and saying things like "Milo, you are so exasperating!" and "Milo, you are a very challenging little boy!" These comments may have something to do with this morning.

First I went to the basement to poop. I was pooping on the floor when my person came down and said "Milo, what are you doing?" and picked me up and put me in the biggest of my three litter boxes, which was also about four inches away, where I finished pooping.

Then that black cat came back in my driveway. I decided to get a better look so I went upstairs and climbed out a window and walked across the roof and stood on the gutter and looked down and yelled at it. My people kept saying "Where's Milo? I can hear him caterwalling but I can't see him." Finally they found me and one of my people caught me. I wasn't ready to come inside though so I ran out the window again right away. It was pretty fun. Now I am banished from upstairs.

My person also said "Why can't you act like a normal 10-year old cat?" Well, I'm M.I.L.O and it's just how I roll.

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