Monday, September 22, 2008

A Gruesome Scene

Yesterday my person found a smear of blood on the counter, next to an overturned toaster. She asked my other person about it but he didn't know anything. Then she looked me over, especially at my feet, but still couldn't figure it out. This morning after I pestered her and she got out of bed, she saw that there was blood on the floor by her side of the bed and on the curtain. She got a flashlight and looked under the bed. Then she said "That is so disgusting!!" I put two mice that I killed under there. Heh. My person thinks that I caught a mouse in the kitchen and then wrestled it into the bedroom. She is not sure where the second one came from. I'm not saying.


Bev and Bill said...

Go Tiger Milo!
Our person told us about your mice. Usually you have a picture of your activity- are they getting mounted like our other person's trophies?
We want to hear your story when you visit and you know we won't tell any of the people
Abby and G-Mo

Yuri said...

Yes, Milo, post a photo! I want to see the mice!!

I caught a bird once. I didn't really know what to do with it though--good idea to put it under the bed so the people can see how smart you are.