Sunday, September 07, 2008

Let me tell you about the new rug

One morning my person was looking at the floor and noticed some scratches. The scratches were from my nails, when I dig them into the floor to get traction to run faster. Some of the scratches are several inches long and show how I skid around and how wide apart my toes are. My people got worried and made an "emergency carpet purchase." This worked out great, because I LOVE the carpet. I lounge on it all the time. I sit in the middle and my people play tennis ball and ping-pong ball with me. The carpet is near my scratching post, so I can go back and forth between scratching my post and rolling on the carpet. My fur is all over the carpet, and so is what my person calls "Milo debris."


Dave said...

"Milo Debris" funny... Nice looking rug, it's a interesting twist to a panel design to have a medallion. Thanks for sharing, and be sure to keep that scratching post nearby!

Yuri said...

Milo, enjoy your new rug. We love rolling on our big rug too. My person doesn't like how our debris gets everywhere, but I love how it feels on my back.

Bev and Bill said...

that's a nice rug and sun porch cushion, but I have my afghan out and it is cozier. It has G-Mo debris on it and I like the smell of that

Ellie said...

Milo you look so handsome on your new carpet. I wish I had a carpet like that you lie on. . . . ;-)