Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Conditions, Part 1

Well, things were going great until a few weeks ago. I was on my annual Spring Break when one day I started having trouble at my litter box. I was all upset. The nice lady rushed me to the emergency vet. The people there did a bunch of tests, which I hated. I had to stay in the hospital for almost three days. The doctor told the nice lady that I had a "urinary obstruction" and I had to have procedures and a catheter and an IV. I even had to wear a cone. I hated all that too. Then I got to come home. Now I eat special food to prevent "crystals."

My person came to get me and now I'm back in New Jersey. She said it's very important that I stay hydrated now, due to my condition. She bought me this special fountain. It's OK, but I still prefer the sink.

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Anonymouse said...

Glad you're back, M.