Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Easter!

I have been enjoying myself quite a bit this Spring. Yesterday the nice lady sent us this box. It had bubble wrap and Easter candy in it. I like boxes and bubble wrap and I learned that Easter peeps are like little squishy pillows, which I also like. I lounged in the box. My person said I melted the rabbits.
Recently my people went on a trip. I helped my person get ready. She hired a team to watch me while she was gone. She explained to the Pet Sitter all about my Annual Spring Frenzy. The Pet Sitter didn't believe her until I rummaged through her purse. Then I showed off my energy by latching onto the bottom of the couch and propelling myself around it like a crab. She told my person she might have to charge extra.

1 comment:

Merve said...

I just wanna hug and hug you.
Tell your person to give you a hug from me.
Do you think it is good to be extra changed, she leaves you in the end?