Thursday, May 10, 2012

Traveling in Comfort and Style

Recently I went on a weekend trip with my people. I got in my carrier on my cushion. About two hours into the trip, I peed and pooped in my carrier. I pee a lot. After my person cleaned me off and organized me and gave me a back-up cushion made from a blanket, we were on the road again. On the way home, she made me a travel litter box. When we got to the rest stop, my person opened my carrier and said "OK, Milo, it's time." She and my other person went inside. So I used my new litter box and self-loaded myself back in the the carrier. I was waiting for my people when they came back to the car. My person said she was extremely impressed with me. I like my new travel set up.

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Yuri said...

Milo, you are a very clever cat.