Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time for a Milocat-nap

I'm taking it easy today. In the middle of the night last night, I barfed up some fur. Using my person as a springboard, I leaped off the bed and threw up on the floor. My person got up with me. After a little while, we got back in bed. I decided to sleep on her pillow. I laid as close to her face as possible. My whiskers tickled her face. For a while, I kneaded the pillow right by her eye. Then I touched her eye with my paw. After a little while, I got up and pooped on the rug. My person got up with me again. Then we went back to bed. This time, I licked my person's ear and touched her lip with my claw. She said "Milo! Go to sleep!" I am going to find a good spot for a nap now.

1 comment:

Yuri said...

Milo, it's nice of you to keep your person awake before you leave body fluids on her floor. That way she can clean it up right away so you won't have to look at it.