Monday, October 02, 2006

An intemperate feline

I've mentioned my love of cardboard and fleece. I also like baskets. They crinkle and are pleasingly textured. My people store their entertainment items and plants on this basket-y serving tray in the kitchen. One day I shoved all of their stuff to the side and settled in. Now they keep a space clear just for me.

I'll take my cream straight up, please.


Tomas said...

How do you get your people to give you so many favors? My people won't let me sleep in my favorite place (the closet). They say they don't like my fur on their clothes. How can I be more successful in convincing them, like you?

Milo said...

My person is a pushover. If your person is a pushover, and you are extremely persistent, you'll get your way. I've heard of you and Yuri getting earlier dinner after a highly successful campaign. Just do that more. And break stuff. That definitely helps.

Tomas said...

Yuri likes to push books on our people's heads in order to wake them up in the morning and feed us. It works really well. Maybe we can find some other techniques like this to get more things.

Yuri said...

What happened with the litter?? You know, Feline Pine?