Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mmmmm flowers

Here I am enjoying some new fall flowers. I like to rub my whiskers on them. Sometimes I get pollen on my nose. And sometimes I knock the vase over. You can't see her doing it, but my person is holding it up so I can sniff, rub, and bite these flowers. She didn't really like it when I snapped one of the stems in half though.

In addition to flowers, I like plants that are tendril-y and have dry crunchy leaves.

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Yuri said...

Hey Milo,
You look fab with those gerbera daisies. My person brought home a bouquet of fall flowers from some dinner the other night, but she put them up on a bookshelf where I can't reach them. I wanted to eat the edges off of the flowers. I like the way they taste.