Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I like to be warm. And moist. I frequently go into the bathroom when my person is taking a shower so I can get all steamed up while laying on the plush rug. Recently I found something that's even better: the dishwasher. After its done running, my people open the door and let me lay down on it. I stay until my nose gets pink like a strawberry and I am slightly damp.


Bev and Bill said...

You should get on that before your people runit so you can find an extra snack
Abby and Geronimo

Tomas said...

Does your fur ever clog the dishwasher?

Milo said...

Yup. And my person's computer fan screen, and the dryer vent, and the refrgerator vent, and it gets deeply enthreaded in boucle sweaters, fleece, and anything black.

Tomas, your fur is looking particularly velvety these days.


Tomas said...

Gee, thanks, Milo. I'm trying to get ready for winter, and velvety fur is part of my plan.

Yuri said...

Do you have an extra fleecy blanket you can send our way? We are getting cold here and our people haven't given us any good fleece blankets to wrap up in.